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A Quick Ziggy Update

I am so sorry for not posting much this week. It’s been a hard week for all of us. In short, Ziggy has pneumonia and is critical.

The night before last I was up late, watching TV and I noticed Zig’s breathing was very labored. His poor rib cage was so expanded and his flanks were working hard to get oxygen. He was in distress. Yesterday morning I called and found out that Dr. Bill had space open in the afternoon to see Ziggy. Until then I would just have to make him as comfortable as I could.

Bill examined him, finding his temperature was very low. Not a good sign. Zig had decreased sounds on one lung and Bill tried tapping it to see if it was fluid. The tap was empty – a good sign that it wasn’t fluid in the lung itself, but now what? He suggested xrays and I was right there with him. Yes, please, do. The xrays showed some fluid in the pleural lining of the lungs as well as pneumonia(?) in the bronchial passages.

Right now we’re trying massive amounts of antibiotics hoping he rallies. This morning, Bill was gracious enough to bring his “Verminator Team”, Iley and Seamus the Jack Russel Terriers, to the barn to rid it of voles that had moved in when the field flooded during the previous week’s rain/snow/blizzards. We discussed Ziggy a bit while watching the dogs.  He said we are definitely not out of the woods yet. It may take a week before we see progress for Ziggy, if at all.

Yesterday, we prepared ourselves for the fact that we may not have our friend with us much longer. If the antibiotics and support don’t work, we will not let our friend suffer on our account but rather ask Bill to let him go peacefully.

And I wanted to say “Thank You” to all of you who have sent me emails or comments about Ziggy. You will never know how much that support has meant this last week.


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A Quck Ziggy Update…

As of today, Ziggy is doing much better and seems to be on the mend! Our cat-vet Dr. Bill was able to make it first thing on Monday to give a good exam to, and assistance for, poor Zig.

We had to be dug out with a backhoe/skip loader on Saturday and Sunday with one of the big things being to make room for our vehicles at our parking area. So, there was room for Bill’s mobile hospital for Ziggy’s appointment on Monday.

Ziggy not only had something burst in his ear/sinus area, but somewhere had some internal bleeding. Bill suspected either bleeding from the sinus area or a possible ulcer in the stomach. Ziggy’s bloodwork did show some anemia.  Now, with supportive meds, we’re making slow progress to a recovery. At least we’re very hopeful at this point. Zig’s much more comfortable and each day sees some advance.

I have to admit that dealing with this was scary. I hate to see any animal in pain. I knew poor Zig wasn’t feeling well, but during the snows all that could be done was supportive care like subcutaneous fluids, warmth, small meals of soft foods…even a vaporizer going to make his breathing a bit easier in this uber-dry air we have here.

And thank you all for your support, good thoughts and purrayers for Mr. Zig. You not only supported him, but me as well.

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A Very Sick Friend

We’d sure appreciate your sending good wishes and thoughts for our dearest cat, Ziggy. When I came in from shoveling snow this morning I noticed something just not right with Zig. He wasn’t himself at all.

He’d been feeling poorly with an ear infection, but this is something else. It appears he may have had a stroke. I’ve given him subcutaneous fluids as well as the low-dose aspirin our vet, Bill, recommended. But it’s obvious he’s not himself. He’s seeking odd places to hide, then will become himself for a bit and sit with me, purring while I brush him.

We are in the midst of one hell-of-a-snowstorm right now. I can’t get out, and neither can the vet. I17 is closed so if I could get out, I can’t get to town. The forecast is for anywhere between three and seven feet of snow between today and Saturday. Not a great time for a kitty to be sick or in need of medical care.

I will try my best to keep him warm and comfortable. He’ll get his meds and all the love we can give him. But that’s about all we can do right now, besides pray that he either get well, or gently slip away while he’s sleeping by the fire.

He’s been a great friend for the past 16 years.

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Snow, Snow, Snow

Well, it’s started. We’ve been hearing about this series of storms coming for a few days but this evening it’s started for real. Snow. Snow, snow, snow.

The weather forecasters have been waffling back and forth as to the amounts we’ll get before this week is over, but it all adds up to way too much. At first we heard 3 to 5 ft. of snow. Now we’ve heard anywhere from over 3 ft. to 7 ft. of snow due in throughout the week in a series of systems moving in from off the California coast.

Bummer! Now don’t get me wrong…I like snow. I like snow when I can view it from the sunroom windows while sipping my coffee or some hot chocolate…or even a nice glass of wine. But as I have gotten older (and my bones older still) snow and the cold temperatures that come with it are not as welcomed here as they were ten or fifteen years ago.  We really do need the moisture and snow really is the best way to get it as it absorbs softly into the ground and doesn’t run off like the torrential rains of the summer monsoons. So, I guess I shouldn’t really complain about this.

The sheep don’t seem to mind the snow, or at least they don’t mind it right now. I will reassess that statement after the end of the week. If we do get as much snow as expected (and if we weren’t dug out by the guys with the backhoe/skip-loader) , the sheep could just walk over the fencing around the barn. I doubt they would get far. A few steps and a warm day and the crust will give way to even those tiny, light feet the sheep have and I will be digging them out of the snow. If I can get to them. 😉 Later this week, if the snow does start piling up, I will make sure all the sheep and chickens are in the barn. They may not like it, but I will as I will know where they are and if they’re OK.

I’m hoping that my enforced hibernation will give me the chance to figure out the ins-and-outs of this new blog/website set-up and I’ll be able to get photos back up. It’s just a learning curve right now. The past few days have been busy with stocking up supplies for this week and next. When you live in an area where you get these deep snows, it’s not just the week of the snow arrival you worry about. It’s also the week after when you’re trying to negotiate parking lots in town that have no parking as space for piling snow had first priority.

So, there’s plenty of feed in the barn, the fridge is full, gas in the vehicles and the guys who dig us out of big snows have been alerted. So, it’ll be me, the cats and the DH if he stays home, my stack of books, spinning and knitting…

Gee…the more I list the things I could do if we’re snowed in is starting to look pretty good! Throw in a few naps and it almost sounds perfect, eh?

And for my friends and family to the North and East of our little mountain town, please be on alert. We’ll try to see if most of the moisture will linger here, but I don’t think we have the last say in that. Forewarned is forearmed. It’s headed your way.

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I wanted to take this opportunity to re-welcome all of you to my blog. How do you like the “new digs”? I think it will work out wonderfully to have both the blog and the Sheep Thrills Farm website all in one place.

I do have to say that none of this would have been possible without the magic done by my daughter, Kelly. I don’t know what I would do without her. Not only does she keep me and my computer on track, even from New Zealand, but she’s so gracious to recognize that some days, when I’m having pain issues, she sees and takes the extra time to maybe repeat those things she might have said before but have become lost in the fuzziness of my brain. She’ll never know just how much that means to me. She’s a gem, although I have to say I’m a bit biased. 🙂

Soon, everything for the blog and farm will be here, in one place and easier to keep track of. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that if you make something easy to use, it will get used…and used more often.

So…welcome, dear readers! Stop in, relax, feel free to kick back and put your feet up. We have some time before lambing craziness starts so let’s enjoy ourselves while we can.

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