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Yes, I’ve been bad. I’ve been “living life” and not blogging. There’s actually so much that has been going on I’ve gotten to the point when I sit down in my chair I think I’ll just “rest my eyes” for a bit, and well…you know how that old chestnut goes. I think it just gets worse with age. 😉
The lambs are growing like weeds. The winds have finally stopped. It was hard getting good photos of bouncing lambs running 110 mph in winds of 40+ mph. I either had blurs or nose-prints. Or, was pelted with volcanic cinders being thrown about in those winds. I actually had places on my face where the stinging cinders drew blood as they hit me down by the barn. I will try to get some photos up soon…but life just might get in the way.
We are expecting relatives from New Zealand in about a week and a half. And we are delighted they are coming. Both of us can hardly wait!
When your family is an ocean away, you start to cherish visits much more so than if they were a mere two hour flight away. I envy people who talk about visiting family “all the way back East!”. Let them try a 14 to 16 hour flight and see if they still have exuberance in their voices. 😉 For those of us who don’t take sitting in one place for too long very well, long flights can be torture. I think airlines should install treadmills in those big jets for those of use who need “to move”. We’d get our moving and the people sleeping with their feet in the aisles wouldn’t be bothered. Hmm…if there were enough of us moving on treadmills, could we make it Down Under by using “Human Gerbil Power?” I wonder.
And I have fallen into doing research on my ancestry. What started out as a simple look-see to find out more information has turned into a captivating journey for me. I have run across incredible ancestors and find the history behind them absolutely fascinating. My DH, the Hired-Hand-With-Benefits, has been cheering me on – almost as gobsmacked as I am. This journey has explained a few things both in my mind and soul, as well as educating me more about history I glossed over during educational endeavors. Now, I am enthralled in to wanting to know what lies behind the next turn…and beyond.
I suppose this all encourages the old investigator that I once was. That, and the deeply-instilled training from my father of wanting to see “what happens if we do this!??”
I will try to get back on the farm-track, dear Readers…just bear with me a bit longer. It’s getting way hot during the days now. I think we had, maybe, three days of Spring in here somewhere? But, as I mentioned, the winds have died down immensely so I don’t fret about having my Nikon outside any more.

Now, if I can just get over this darned cold…

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Just Hangin’ Around…

I was taking some photos with the camera I received for Christmas and thought I would take a photo of skeins of yarn I had finished that were just hanging from a rod, minding their own business. The coin you see is a dime. The yarns are what I normally spin, a finer two-ply yarn. (You can “click” on the photo to see an enlarged representation.)

The yarn to the left is a New Zealand Romney, but the rest are Shetland yarns. Right now I am awaiting delivery of the processed fleeces our sheep generously gave us this past spring. I sent them off to be scoured (washed) and carded into what’s called a roving. Each sheep’s fleece was done separately so I should be able to assess each fleece for merits and faults. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I will only know when I get the box as to what I’ll be able to do with each – and what type of yarn I will make from them. Some sheep’s wool says “hat” and others might say “lace shawl” or “soft blanket”. I won’t know until they “speak” to me.
Some spinners spin fibers for a specific project, and others spin what they feel like spinning. I do both. Right now I’m working towards having a big enough stash to set the loom up for a couple of projects I have in mind.

So, you see…even though I may not be posting every day…it may be that I am doing something else, Dear Reader. I’m not forgetting to post, I’m just enjoying doing something else once and a while. Especially on these snowy days…even housework is set aside in favor of a good book, or some time at a spinning wheel.

Instead of Carpe Diem, it should be Carpe Wool! *

*In “real” Latin, Carpe Diem would translate into “harvest the day”, but it’s become a popular translation to say “seize the day”…just a note from a four-year Latin student. 🙂

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