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Bye, Bye Blessa!

SheepThrills Blessa left for a new home last week! Her new mum and dad, Karen & Ray, live in the Globe area of Arizona and were looking for a friendly breed of sheep to add to their “Menagerie”. Karen had been in touch with Michelle who graciously recommended to Karen to contact me as we are so much closer.
Well, Karen and Ray came for a visit and fell in love with Blessa. And from what I’ve heard since they took her home, she loves them as well. Win/Win!
While they were visiting we walked into the end of the barn where I had the ram lambs. Karen didn’t want Blessa to be alone and was telling me about a person in their area who had rescued Barbados Blackbelly sheep including a wether if they wanted one. As Karen and I stood talking, I noticed that Ray was singled out by our own Lucius Vorenus, a very friendly ram lamb. The next time Karen mentioned the wether from her acquaintance Ray shook his head no. Then he said he’d rather have Luke. So, soon Luke will be joining Blessa.

Below are pictures of Blessa both shorn and with this year’s fleece just before she left. Can you see the smugness behind that expression? From what I’ve heard she has taken reign over all things barnyard and child, as well as Karen and Ray.

Thank ewe, Michelle! And thank ewe Blessa! I can’t think of a better Shetland Ambassador to introduce that area of Arizona to the wonderful Shetland sheep!

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OK, Guys…Is the coast finally clear? We have had tremendous winds here in the High Country! For the past two days, I thought we were back in Kansas! Come to think of it, I don’t remember Kansas being this bad except for the tornadoes. My chickens are still walking sideways!

You will notice a definite “thread” running through these latest pictures of the sheep: They are all sporting this year’s hay model. Hay has been blown everywhere during the past two days. So much so that I have had to feed in the barn and after finishing a meal, the sheep staying in the barn.

Did I mention it’s been windy here?

Of course, nothing keeps the lambs down for long. And here you see the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” doing their best to squash “The World”…yes, the ball is actually a representation of the World, so you see, I’m correct in my interpretation. 🙂The lamb who loves playing with a ball the most is Sven and he’s the one you see with horns at the ready. His brother, Ole, is not far behind. This seems to be a theme in their daily activities…EXCEPT when the shepherd arrives! Ole will abandon all activities and mosey over towards the said shepherd hoping to be invited over for a scratch. He has become much more leery of approaching anyone since he discovered himself up-side-down one day with a voice from above saying a resounding “No!”. We have since learned that we must mind our manners or suffer dire consequences. And we learn fast! 😉
I have been trying my best to get some good photos of both Shaun and his sister, Blessa. No one and nothing is cooperating lately! If it hasn’t been my own camera dying a slow and horrible death (not to mention my wanting to kick it into the swamp with enough force to make an NFL Team scout me), it’s been hay and dust being blown all over to make all sorts of UFOs appear in the photos. I give up!

As for Moi? I have resigned myself to the fact that I do, really and honestly, need the surgery I am not looking forward to. But I am looking forward to the prospect of less pain.

And when will I be “normal” again? Any day now…

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This morning when I got up, I took a glance at the Sheep-O-Vision screen to see what was going on out in the barn. I was hoping for more than the two ewes, but no…it was just the two girls in their pen. Then something caught my eye. Not a lamb, but the way Lacey was treating Amanda – almost as if Lacey was defending a corner of the space they shared. Lacey was butting heads with Amanda. This was new…but also, it was a sign of things to come.
I got dressed and went down to feed a bit early just to see what all the hub-bub was about. By the time I reached the barn and peeked in at the girls Lacey was frantically trying to dig to China. Hmmm. Defending her territory AND making a nest. These were sure signs Lacey was beginning Labor!

I quickly let Amanda out of the barn to join the youngsters for breakfast and put Lacey into a lambing jug – a small pen where mom can have lambs quietly by herself. Lacey wouldn’t touch the small bit of hay I placed in there with her. Another sign of labor.

I went back to the house to have a cup of coffee and glue myself to the monitor in the office. I answered emails and had time to post a short note to this blog about the goings-on. When it came time for another cup of coffee, I took a look at the screen…Lacey was frantically trying to dig a nest out of the straw in between lying down and getting up. No problem…I have time to get another cup.

When I got back from the kitchen I noticed that “something” I had been watching for was taking place. I saw the beginnings of the birth of a lamb! Hurriedly I rushed down to the basement, put on barn shoes and my coat and headed out to the barn. By the time I got there, Lacey’s first lamb was halfway here. (I did take pictures but as this is a G-rated blog and don’t want to put any of you off your dinners have decided not to post all of those nitty-gritty pictures) 🙂

So, Folks…let me introduce to you Sheep Thrills Shaun (the black lamb) and his sister, Sheep Thrills Blessa! All three in the little family are doing quite well.

And of course, I made Ralph get in a few pictures for scale…

The only problem I’ve run into is that our weather was turning quite nasty today, so I had to plug-in a heat lamp for the lambs and Lacey. We are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow and our night-time temperatures are still quite low, The heat lamp reflection is the red you see on Lacey’s face in this photo to the right.

Shaun appears to be all black while Blessa is a mocha brown with a white semblance of a krunet marking (white crown at the top of her head). I also noticed that Blessa has white hairs on her ears and is lighter around the eyes and mouth. This means she carries genetics for greying and will probably change color on us.
So, there you have it, Bob’s your Uncle! I see from the monitor right now that the little family is snug and sleeping. You deserve it, Lacey!

So, Amanda…when is it going to be your turn?

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