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I have been amiss in posting lately, for a variety of reasons…mainly due to it being summer and being outside instead of in at the computer. I have a couple of belated “Thank Ewes” to some dear Friends.

Our friends, Steve and Carole, used to be our next-door-neighbors when we lived up the mountain, about 1/4 mile from where we now live. They used to split their time between Phoenix and Flagstaff but have since moved closer to family in Texas. Now they will be here for part of the year, the remainder in the Lone Star State.
They both know of our, er…my affinity for cats. Any loose or stay feline seems to find its way to our door (er, there’s that “my” again!). My “Hired Hand With Benefits”, aka my DH, says there must be a sign that some cat has posted somewhere in the neighborhood much like the Kind-Hearted-Woman signs the hobos used to leave during the Depression announcing where a warm meal could be found. Carole just laughed when the story of the mother cat and kittens under the front step was told to her. This, I’m sure, is Steve and Carole’s perverse sense of humor:

The doormat arrived shortly after the post about finding the little family. And yes, Carole…I have put it in front of the door! 🙂

And Saturday I found a small box in our mailbox when I went up to get the mail. It was from my sheepy-cyber-bud, Michelle. Inside was a pink-sweatered ewe named “Flora” as well as a cup of cherries dried from Michelle’s own tree and Tina’s fabulous “Chocolate Coma Cookie” recipe. We’re supposed to have drier conditions this week so I believe I will just have to make some cookies for myself. The Hired-Hand can have his Tim-Tams from New Zealand. heeheehee

You’ll never know just how much these have cheered me up. It’s been a hectic summer even if we didn’t go to Oregon. Between kitten-sitting, learning I can’t do some of the things I used to before back surgery, and trying to keep things on an even-keel around here these remembrances have made me laugh and given me hugs. Thank you all for your gifts!
Now if I can only find that blasted sign and remove it before any other cat sees it…
NOTE: My DH has pointed out that there must be a connection between me and most of the animals I have. Most all of them are black or some color-form of black shade. Hmm. Could it be something in that Celtic background of mine? I wonder…

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It’s been a busy week around Oleo Acres. Hizzoner, my DH, was out of town, so naturally we had 6″ of snow Tuesday morning! Then rain and wind set in…followed by more wind just to make sure the Weather had my attention. There were times the roof sounded like it was going to blow off. I kept watch of the shingles on the barn roof – watching them flap up and down, waiting for one or two to fly up, up and away.
As if that weren’t enough, by Saturday the weather had turned from nasty to nice to awful again. Today saw us in the 80s! I would say this is bizarre, but the fact of the matter is that here in the mountains we can have snows in June, frosts in July, or hot weather in April. So, none of that weather is particularly earth-shattering. What IS unusual is that it all occurred within a week’s time.
To top things off, as I was coming down from the mailbox on Saturday I noticed something odd under the front deck by the door. We get a lot of leaves blown up again the deck making it look like the deck hits the ground when in reality there is a space between the ground and the wood. But to the left of the front door, a bit of a hole had been dug and there were two kitten heads sticking out of said hole, eyes closed enjoying the sunshine! What the ….???
We have had a very smallish young cat hanging out around our place and our neighbor, Pam’s. When I told Pam I had started putting out some food for “her”, Pam said she had been doing the same, knowing that the little cat would sometimes spend time burrowing under her house as well. It should have sunk in…young cat, burrowing, using two houses, hungry all the time…
Well, duh!
So, now I have a semi-feral cat complete with kittens living under the front deck for now. Tomorrow I shall start making plans to extract and capture said Mother Cat, complete with family. The plans already include the vet, shots, ear mite meds, and when she’s able – spaying. Homes will be found for kittens. I will try to not do this through the shelters here as we’ve heard they are bursting at the seams with litters of kittens right now. I think we’ll just have to take it one step at a time. I will keep feeding Mama good food so she can have the energy to feed her growing family. The kittens eyes were open. They looked to be maybe 4 weeks old, but I’m not sure. It’s been years since I’ve had a kitten. Now I assume all cats come in at 10 lbs. or better and insist on lap time each day.
We already have five cats now. I really didn’t want to deal with a Mama and her brood. Then again, I’ve never really been one to run away from things like this either. We’ll just do what’s right and hope for the best for everyone.

So, no pictures today. Sorry. But as soon as I can get a good picture of the little family without scaring Mama or the little ones I’ll post it.
Now if I can only keep reminding the DH not to start any motors without checking under hoods first – and to keep noise levels low and sweet. Half the battle is going to be where Mama stashes the kids….

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How It Was At Our House Before…

One of our relatives in New Zealand sent this little video to me. I had not seen it, but understand that it’s been out on “The Web” for a while. This is exactly how it was in our bedroom, each morning, before we installed a gate to keep the cats out of the bedroom.
Although we had no baseball bats at hand for the wee creatures who allow us to share this house with them, it reminds me of just how it used to be each and every morning.

I hope you enjoy this…

And thank you, Val…for sharing!

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I believe Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. For me, it reminds me to take time from all the business of Life, slow down, and really think about what’s important in my life. When I take this time to reflect I find so many positive things to be grateful for.

-I have been married to the same man for 31 years. While we have our moments of frustration with each other as all married couples do, they are few and far between. I find I still miss him when he has to go out of town and look forward to spending more years with him. (Although I AM going on a cruise to Alaska if he wants to come or not!) The poor man got stuck with a “Fiber Person” and “Frustrated Farmer”…the are times he deserves a medal.

-I have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law. They compliment each other so well, each one compensating for the other’s shortcomings and brightening each other, leaving room for growth without over-shadowing each other. It is a pleasure to watch them when they’re together.

-My extended family are a great group of individuals! Whenever support is needed, they are there. I only wish I wasn’t so far away from family. (My brother lives in New Jersey, cousins on Washington Island in Wisconsin, and there’s the branch in New Zealand, too…)

-I have a nice house to live in, food to eat, and fairly good health (without counting the back surgery this year) arthritis, etc. not withstanding.

-And I have my four-footed friends. I love them all. They are always there when you really need a friend…even the sheep will come over, rest their head in my lap and look at me as if to say, “‘The Dr. is: IN’…just talk, I’ll listen.” The cats have been there when others haven’t keeping me company throughout the day. Even with cleaning cat boxes, barns, carpets from old cats with feeble bladders, furballs, foot trims, shearing and fence mending…my animals have added more to my life than they have taken.

-And friends. I count each friend as a Blessing. You can’t pick your family, but friends can become more family than someone related by blood. And not only friends who live close whom I see often, but also friends far away whom I talk to over the computer, by phone or mail. I may not have many diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, but I have a life bejeweled by friends who add their own sparkle to my world.

In short, I have quite a bit to be thankful for. And I thank the Day for telling me to slow down…to take stock and listen to all in my life that’s good.

And may all of you reading this have a blessed Thanksgiving. I know mine is.

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They’re Back! Darn It…

And I don’t mean the elk this time…

One week ago I was allowed to start feeding the sheep again. I’ve missed being able to do things around the barn since having had my back surgery last June. As funny as it sounds, but I’m sure many other sheep-people would agree, most days I would rather be outside with the sheep, garden, tinkering around the barn, etc., than stuck inside, unless I’m spinning or weaving or doing some other fun activity. (I must remember to tell myself this when we have three feet of snow on the ground and it’s biting cold outside.)

I tried moving some empty feed bags in the barn when I saw them…the first tell-tale signs I again had unwelcome visitors in the barn. Mice. The first hint of cold weather here and we get mice heading into the barn for warmth and food. Drat! Now, we have all sorts of nasty things in this area: West Nile Virus, Africanized bees, assorted snakes, and Hanta Virus carried by the likes of the vermin trying to live in my barn. At the first signs of their presence I verbally post a Declaration of War on them. It has begun and I’m out for blood.

Yesterday, I went into town to run errands and while I was there, picked up new traps to set for the mice. Last evening, I baited the traps and set them in areas I thought I had seen the little buggers in. Voila! This morning I had caught five of the wee beasties. Before I transported said DMBs (Dead Mouse Bodies) to the back fence line, I noticed Nosey Josie keeping a close watch to see if I would drop any.
As you may recall, Josey is the Speckled Sussex hen I have with a taste for occasional oddity in her diet. So I offered her one of the mice. This time, she just looked at me as if to ask, “What? You want me to eat a BIG one? No way! I like the small ones.”

Picky, picky, picky…

Shadow says, “Raspberries! Just invite them inside here, Mom…we’ll take care of them for you!”

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