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Never Long Enough…

As you have been able to tell, lately we’ve been uber-busy with a visit from our daughter and her husband. I know they were here just last year but when you have relatives living halfway around the world, every visit becomes a cherished time knowing that the visit is never really long enough. The Kids arrived on Halloween and stayed until this past Friday. After some time at home we all went to Las Vegas where they caught a plane for San Francisco, soon to head towards home again. I happened to catch this photo of them on the Monorail as we were traveling from one end of the Strip to the other. (Gee…I wonder where the red in my DD’s hair came from???)
We had a great time with them. It always seems that after kids leave home and find their own paths in this world that visits are either too long or not long enough. I usually am a believer in the wisdom of Ben Franklin about fish and guests, but as I’ve gotten older I find that visits with good family and good friends are not long enough at times. Such as this visit with the Kids. We had a ball!
One of the neat places to see in LV is the Conservatory at the Bellagio. Four times a year they change the displays. When we arrived to walk through it on this trip, the theme was Fall’s Bounty with giant baskets of apples, a Wood Man or Green Man depending on your culture, and a moving Cider Mill. It was breathtaking as always. The photos of the mill wheel don’t do it justice. Both Kelly and I stood there, both seeing the composition of the moving wheel amongst the timbers and plants as amazing – and both of us disappointed that a mere photo could not do it justice.

I realize as I write this that I’m exhausted, but very happy. The past ten days have been so busy I don’t think my feet hit the ground, nor did my bee-hind stay in a chair for any length of time to recover. Ross and Kelly were our last visitors for this year. Soon, we’ll be shutting up and doing indoor winter things. I know by January I’ll be wishing for another visitor to brighten up the days. I will have to coax my orchids to bloom for some “excitement” in January and February as I can’t afford a trip to summer in New Zealand just quite yet. 🙂

Soon it will be time for Skittles to be let in with the girls for another breeding season. Placecards will have to be engraved for this affair, I’m sure. Colin will go in with his half sister to keep her company this year. The three “Bonzo Brothers” – Shaun, Sven & Ole – have all been wethered and will be together until we can find two of them new fiber/pet homes. And life will return to normal around Sheep Thrills Farm….

that is, IF I can remember what “normal” is….

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