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I Guess…

…it just doesn’t take much to entertain me anymore. Who would have thought I would be calling a new washing machine “sexy” and “exciting”? But, here I am, new washer freshly installed in the basement, and excited about the new technology. My poor dryer pales by comparison. I caught myself saying to Hizzoner, my DH, that I liked the washer so much I had wished we could have also gotten the dryer.
It all started about two weeks ago, just as Lois and Brook were making their way around the sites in Northern Arizona and staying at “Chez Sheep Thrills”, I had one of those days. You know the ones…things happen in spades. Well, that day both the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner decided to up and die. Usually we are people who fix things rather than replace them, but I guess the deck was just stacked against us this time.
When I called the repair shop for appliances, the technician remembered our POS washer. He listened to my description knowing exactly what had happened – it was the transmission. And it would cost no less than $400.00 to replace it. No brainer. After all the problems I had with that machine, fixing it would have been throwing good money after bad. Better to put that amount towards a new one.
Then, the work really began! I checked advertisements, consumer sites, and feedback from other people as well as store after store for pricing information. I had thought of getting a new top-loading washing machine again. You know the ones…just like all the other ones I have known throughout my life starting with my mother’s old washer with the wringer rollers on top. Then it hit me…why not take this opportunity to look into more efficient front loaders?
The only drawback I saw with the front loader (other than the expense) was how would I ever wash fleece again. Well, duh! Why not like I always did before I had a washer – in the sink, tub or laundry tub. Or I could send them off to be processed. Here in Arizona water is at a premium so sometimes it’s actually cheaper to send the fleeces out anyway. The more I read and researched, the more it made sense.
So, front loader it was and after even more research on brands and cleaning abilities of different models, I settled on an LG Steam Washer. I had heard and read that some front loaders had a reputation of not getting clothes very clean, but this particular LG model has a great record for clean clothes and efficiency as well as ease of use and longevity. The 10-year warranty on the motor wasn’t a bad thing either. 🙂 After running some heavy loads through it today to see what it could really do with farm clothes and Hizzoner’s grubby “I’ve-been-tinkering-with-the-’53 Merc” workclothes, I have to say I’m very impressed. Clean clothes without massive amounts of water.
Here she is:

And here’s a close-up of the console. No more horrid buzzers for me. This one sings a nice melody, chiming cheerfully as the buttons are pushed.

So, maybe it IS true…old dogs can indeed learn new tricks. Or maybe at least with the aid of modern technology. I will see if this really does save on both water and energy.

Now, on to the vacuum!

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