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I’m not sure why Picasa did not include these last three photos. I am not used to using it extremely well, but I have also noticed that Blogger is tempermental, at times. So…here we finally go to finish that trip over to the other side of town, towards our small mall.There is a BIG difference between the micro-climates on our side of the mountains, to the eastern regions of Flagstaff. We are actually about 7+ miles from our actual town proper. And we travel about 7+ miles to get over to the other side of town, but the climates are so totally different. While we get more snow and rain, the other side of town is much drier and windier. People I know who live on the east side of town always mention that while they have a longer growing season for their gardens, the have to water like crazy to keep the wind from drying out plants. Plus they have more prairie dogs on their side of town while we have gophers and ground squirrels.

Here you see by the I17 road signs we have a choice here…east to the mall or west towards California and Las Vegas. As I don’t have that much money with me, I think it best to go east to the mall and we’ll just have to save Lost Wages for another trip.

Now we’re on I40, headed east. We pass one exit, then head towards Mt. Elden and the turnoff for the mall and the road heading up to Page, AZ. It goes through the Navajo Reservation. We’ll save that for another trip as well. As my DH says, “It’s miles and miles of miles and miles.” – meaning it’s barren with not much to see. We usually stop in Cameron for breakfast if we’re headed up that way. (for those of you following along with a map)

And here we are at Mt. Elden. As you have probably figured out, we either must turn left and head back towards town, or turn right. We’re going right but will leave you with this picture of Mt. Elden instead of our Small mall and parking lot. Who wants to see those anyway? I only get over this way a couple of times a year. I try to stay away from temptation and since I have all the clothes, shoes and gee-ga’s I need, I stay away. The only reason we’re over this way today is to go to Best Buy to get a new printer for my computer.Mt. Elden used to be completely covered with Ponderosa pine tree as well as Gamble oak and aspen trees. Back in the late ’70s there was a huge forest fire which destroyed all the trees and almost destroyed all the housing along the base of Mt. Elden. There are hiking trails on the eastern slope where you can spend an afternoon. But you have to be on your guard as this is mountain lion territory (well, it is here too). A few years ago a lion was shot as it had threatened two dogs and their owner. Of course the lion had to pay for this guys stupidity – the dogs were loose, not leashed, and were in the lion’s territory, not on the path. Too bad for the lion. I’m more of the thinking that if the guy got it, it was just the Darwin Patrol thinning out our herd.I can just see my DH shaking his head at that statement, but it really IS a fact of life here…”If you go out in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…”

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A Trip To Town, Part 1

A little while back, Melanie from Petersburgh Manor Farm in Upstate New York, was showing the sights she saw on her way to work. Other Shetland breeders with blogs have done the same so I thought I would show what my drive into town looks like.

First, a view of our abode from the road running past our place. It’s a boulevard, or divided road, so this picture was taken from the higher side of the road. I am amazed that there isn’t snow on the roof in this picture…Hmm…it must’ve been between storms. 🙂

Here we are, entering on to I17. We are traveling north at this point. You can see there’s a hint of the mountains up ahead. To be PC, I should say at this point that the mountains near Flagstaff are the San Francisco Peaks, with Humphrey’s Peak being the tallest point in Arizona. Keep in mind that the car is at 7,000 ft. in altitude as we make our way through the world’s largest stand of Ponderosa pines.

Can’t these people see I’m taking pictures for posterity here? Actually, the traffic is on the light side today.

Here’s a better view of the Peaks. It’s actually a nice sight to view – one I take for granted most of the time as I do the smell of the pines. It’s funny…I never smell them until I’ve been away for a while but it’s one of the first things I notice on my way home. You just can’t beat fresh air and pine trees…well, unless it’s the smell of the Pacific from a New Zealand beach, or the smell of a decidious forest after the rain, or…oops! I digress. Sorry.

This actually is a nice area of Arizona. I guess I should clarify that it’s a nice area for me. I love visiting the deserts and it’s just about a 17-mile drive to Sedona and the Red Rock Country off the Mogollon rim (pronounced mug-gee-own) through Oak Creek Canyon. But I like trees and don’t do well in very hot weather, so I just make short trips to the desert areas. For you Zane Grey enthusiasts out there, this is smack-dab in the heart of the country he wrote about. Maybe this spring I’ll take you all on a drive down through Oak Creek to Sedona. After the trees leaf out will be nice, I think. Maybe we’ll even stop to look at the jewelry the Native Americans sell at the Lookout, and see where the creek in our pasture joins up with Oak Creek at the base of the Rim.

As Blogger would not let me upload the remaining photos of the journey, I’ll save those for tomorrow’s entry. I just hope the suspense doesn’t kill anyone. Don’t hold your breath – save that for when we travel to Sedona. 🙂

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