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“What? I’m just helping Mom look for her latest issue of Sheep! magazine!”

“A bug in a rug? What’s a bug in a rug? Why is she always smiling at us when we’re trying to sleep?”

“Move over, Ma! We can’t see what she’s doing!”

I do still go out to visit the sheep, contrary to all the photos of kittens lately. The lambs are growing by leaps and bounds and fast becoming as big as their mothers – even at just three months old for the oldest ones. Below is a snapshot I took of Sheep Thrills Trooper Thorn. Trooper was the last lamb born here this year. He’s only two months old, but is almost as big as his three-month old siblings! And I noticed this week that his horns are coming in very small (called scurs)…then one has been bumped off leaving just a “bump” on one side of his head. I highly suspect Trooper carries some of the genetics for being polled! I will submit a few photos to a Shetland sheep breeder who is very knowledgeable in breeding polled sheep to see what she thinks, but if he is polled Trooper may find a home with someone breeding for polled Shetland sheep. Isn’t that cool? 🙂

I promise to take some updated photos of the lambs and sheep. When I let them out of the barn in the mornings, it looks like a sea of brown fleece running out to pasture. And they are all starting to look about the same size! Hang in there, Mama Ewes! Weaning may come sooner than I thought this year…
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