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Just Hangin’ Around…

I was taking some photos with the camera I received for Christmas and thought I would take a photo of skeins of yarn I had finished that were just hanging from a rod, minding their own business. The coin you see is a dime. The yarns are what I normally spin, a finer two-ply yarn. (You can “click” on the photo to see an enlarged representation.)

The yarn to the left is a New Zealand Romney, but the rest are Shetland yarns. Right now I am awaiting delivery of the processed fleeces our sheep generously gave us this past spring. I sent them off to be scoured (washed) and carded into what’s called a roving. Each sheep’s fleece was done separately so I should be able to assess each fleece for merits and faults. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I will only know when I get the box as to what I’ll be able to do with each – and what type of yarn I will make from them. Some sheep’s wool says “hat” and others might say “lace shawl” or “soft blanket”. I won’t know until they “speak” to me.
Some spinners spin fibers for a specific project, and others spin what they feel like spinning. I do both. Right now I’m working towards having a big enough stash to set the loom up for a couple of projects I have in mind.

So, you see…even though I may not be posting every day…it may be that I am doing something else, Dear Reader. I’m not forgetting to post, I’m just enjoying doing something else once and a while. Especially on these snowy days…even housework is set aside in favor of a good book, or some time at a spinning wheel.

Instead of Carpe Diem, it should be Carpe Wool! *

*In “real” Latin, Carpe Diem would translate into “harvest the day”, but it’s become a popular translation to say “seize the day”…just a note from a four-year Latin student. 🙂

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